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Atlantic Archaeology offers archaeological consultancy services throughout Ireland, providing advice on all aspects relating to archaeology, cultural heritage & environment during the planning and development stages.  We provide an outstanding professional service including advice, archaeological assessment reports and carrying out of excavations in advance of development. We provide archaeology consultancy services throughout the west of Ireland and countrywide on small and large-scale developments for the private and public sector to assist with planning requirements and in compliance with heritage legislation.

We also provide a specialist service to the archaeological sector in the analysis of archaeological materials and metallurgical residues recovered from excavations.  At Atlantic Archaeology we strive to deliver an efficient and quality service.  This is delivered through a team of well-trained Archaeology Consultants who are experienced working in high pressure environments.

Communication, careful budget management and cost control on all projects is a crucial part of the service we offer. We aim to provide a high quality efficient service within the construction sector, while maintaining a quality system of reporting on all work carried out.  We operate all Archaeology services in line with National Monuments Service, DoAHG legislation and guidelines and Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland Codes of Practice.

We catering for a wide variety of sectors from small-scale single residential dwellings to large scale commercial and infrastructural projects such as pipeline and water schemes, wind farms, power lines, quarries and roads.

We working in conjunction with contractors, project managers, architects and engineers to provide suitable solutions to progress development with minimal impact on archaeological heritage.

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